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We carry a simple message and deliver it effectively:
Teenage pregnancy, Poverty and Sugar daddies are interconnected!!!

The Sugar Daddy Awareness Campaign : Our flagship project 

  • Project Summary

Teenage pregnancy has reached its highest level in Togo. Statistics revealed that up to 7000 girls had to drop school just from 2012 to 2013.  A one-hour sugar daddy awareness class taught to eighth-grade girls in a randomized controlled trial was able to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and HIV infection by 28 percent just in one year. The current project aims at scaling up the sugar daddy awareness classes in Togo to save the lives of as many girls as possible.

  • Project Goals and Objectives

Educate at least 500,000 young people within two (2) years, to save them from risky sexual practices such as the cross-generational relationship known as sugar daddy phenomenon.

Build the capacity of teenagers to be able to say “No” to unsafe sexual practices, such as sugar daddy relationships and “No” to teenage pregnancy.

Support young girls that are victims of the phenomenon to denounce the authors of the abuse and ask for reparations.

​Sugar daddy Awareness in future

  • Going beyond the Maritime Region

We move from the Maritime Region to the other regions (Plateaux, Centrale, Kara, Savanes). Sexuality education has to reach as many girls as possible in Togo.

  • Going beyond classrooms

Teenage pregnancy in Togo does not concern only school girls. There is the need to go beyond classrooms if we really want to fight this phenomenon, and that is our plan. We plan to reach all the girls aged 14-18 at training centers (Seamstress, Hairdressing, etc), who are also often unable to complete their training because of an unwanted pregnancy.

  • Going beyond French

Language should not constitute a barrier. We plan to translate sugar daddy awareness classes’ materials, as well as other sexuality education materials into the two national languages in Togo (Ewe & Kabye).

​Our Message