• The solution

The scope of the problem requires a solution that works. A proven solution to this problem was found in Kenya where a randomized trial revealed that teaching sugar daddy awareness classes was able to reduce the incidence of childbearing among grade 8 students by 28 percent and especially teen pregnancy with older men by over 60%. The classes were followed by just a 20-minute educational DVD, in-class activities, and a short lecture (30 min). Learn more 

  • Adaptation

A solution might be successful in one place but fail in another if it is not adapted to its context. We have remained true to these original classes but designed a program well adapted to the Togolese setting to make the program more attractive to the youth in Togo.

These are short movies (12 to 15 minutes) produced by a group of young people in Cote d’Ivoire “PemaAct” and entitled “Miel Mortel”(Deadly Honey). “Honey” refers to the gifts and advantages girls usually get from the Sugar Daddy relationship but it is a “deadly” honey because these benefits are short-lived and destroy their future with unwanted pregnancies and/or HIV. Most of these short movies are based on true stories and the testimonies of some victims are also available. The videos are already in French, the official language in Togo.

  • Approach Summary

25 minutes educational video + 30 minutes discussion = 55 minutes

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